This massage promises to relax your spirit as well as your body. Long, Luxurious strokes populate this massage to leave you feeling calm, comfortable and stress-free. A favorite massage among those who are new to massage and might be a little nervous with this new, lavish experience. The cost for 30 min -$45, 60 min – $70, 90 min – $100.


You’ll be treated to a relaxing and therapeutic massage that relieves muscle tension and/or pain while promoting your body’s natural ability to repair itself. Muscles are flushed with revitalizing, oxygen rich blood that enables the body to begin the healing process. This massage is a treat, as well as a therapeutic intervention. Available in time allotments of; 30 minutes (for spot specific treatment) or more complex treatments lasting 60, or 90 minutes. The cost for 30 min -$45, 60 min – $70, 90 min – $100.


This massage consists of specific techniques created by Claire Marie Miller of “Nurturing the Mother.” It features specific stokes and stretches for the common discomforts of all trimesters of pregnancy including calf-cramps, low back pain, and sciatic pain. Pillow positioning for optimum comfort is used as well as deeply relaxing massage strokes. This massage is at least 60 minutes of pure bliss to relieve the occasional inquietude associated with this special, exciting time in a women’s life. Package pricing is available to create a specific treatment plan for your entire pregnancy. Ask about Postpartum massage for relief of mid back pain and other discomforts associated with breast feeding and nurturing your new bundle of joy! Please, call 406.862.6447 for details. $70


This lavish massage is a complete treatment combining hot basalt stones and a few cool marble stones. Using both warm and cool temperatures creates a vascular fluctuation within the body which aids in a profoundly relaxing and soothing experience. It’s 75 minutes of relaxation! Cost = $120.00. This treatment requires time for proper set up and is not available for booking on-line. Please call me directly @ 406-862-6447. You will be so happy that you did!

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