Hydration and Massage

Published on 07/11/12

Stay Hydrated

I offer water to my clients after each massage because I know how important it is to hydrate after massage. I even encourage clients to hydrate before massage, as well.

Our bodies are about 70% water. This water helps to lubricate joints and muscles, helps move cells effectively thoughout our entire bodies to deliver oxygen and vital nutrients, helps with brain function and focus, as well as, helps our kidney and liver and other organs breakdown and expel toxins.

Adequate hydration becomes very important after a massage for a couple of reasons. The first reason that comes to my mind is that during massage the muscles release toxins and other substances due to being manipulated. Water helps to move these substances through the lymph and circulatory systems to be removed by the kidneys and liver.

Another reason is that massage can be dehydrating to the muscle tissue. By drinking water you can rehydrate this tissue and prevent muscle soreness that MAY occur in the days following your massage. Drinking water after a massage may prevent you from getting a headache, or worse, a migraine. Not only can headaches be caused by tight muscles of the neck and shoulders, but, frequently, dehydration is the culprit.

So, drink up! Hydrate! With water, that is. It is the very BEST substance to hydrate your body and keep you feeling fresh after a relaxing and rejuvenating massage!